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Ten Air France unions call for strike on 22 February

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN – | Ten Air France unions, including those representing pilots, call for a day of strike on 22 February

Ten unions of Air France, including those representing pilots, call for a day of strike on February 22 to claim a general increase of 6% in 2018 “for inflation lost” for six years, according to a leaflet on Friday. by AFP.

Three pilot unions (SNPL, Spaf and Alter), two hostesses and stewards (SNPNC and Unsa-PNC), as well as five ground organizations (CGT, FO, SUD, CFTC and SNGAF) oppose the agreement. minority with 1% overall increase in two steps for 2018.

The agreement, signed by the CFE-CGC and the CFDT, is an “alms (…) well below the expectations of employees” because “it can not offset the increase in the cost of living and catch up wages blocked since 2011 “, date of the last general increase, consider the signatories of the leaflet.

“In terms of lost inflation (2012-2018), we are asking for a general wage increase of 6%,” it says.

After two negotiation sessions, a draft wage agreement was signed by the CFE-CGC and the CFDT, representing 31.3% of the staff votes. But majority unions (CGT, FO, Unsa, SNPL and Spaf, or 52.6% of the votes) decided to assert their right of opposition to block it.

However, Air France management decided to “unilaterally implement measures equivalent to those provided for in the agreement”, according to an internal communication consulted by AFP.

The agreement provided for a general increase of 0.6% on 1 April and 0.4% on 1 October for all and an envelope of individual increases (bonuses, promotions, seniority …) of 1.4% for agents on the ground, in addition to a revaluation of travel allowances.

For the unions calling for a strike, the management “shows how bad their signatures were and played against the interests of the employees”.

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